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Houses of Parliament in London, England

Visit Parliament

  • Tours of the Palace of Westminster
  • Watch debates in the House of Commons as they happen
  • Prime Minister’s Questions
  • Work Experience

Would you like to come and visit the Houses of Parliament? If so, I’d love to help organise this for you. Please have a read through the following options and drop me an email at so we can get the ball in motion!


All tours of the Houses of Parliament are free when organised through your MP. Tours of the Houses of Parliament can take place most weekdays and last around 75-90 minutes. During the Parliamentary Session (around the same timings at school terms) tours are possible at the following times:

Monday - the House sits at 14:30pm. Tours can run from 9am but must finish by around 12:30pm.

Tuesday - the House sits at 11:30am. Tours can run early from 9am but must finish by 10:30am.

Wednesday - the House sits at 11:30am. Tours can run early from 9am but must finish by 10:30am.

Thursday - the House sits at 9:30am so no tours are possible.

Friday - the House only sits 12 Fridays per year. On these Fridays the House sits at 9:30am so tours do not take place. On most other Fridays tours can take place throughout the day.

When the House of Commons is in Recess these timings can be more flexible.

Types of tourThere are two types of tour you can take. If you’re a small group (under 6 people) a member of my team can take you around and give you a personalised tour. This can generally be organised at short notice, but it would be great if you could give us as much time as possible to get things organised!

The second type of tour is a full Central Tour of Parliament. I can book this for you through our tours service and you go around Parliament in groups of up to 25 people with an official guide. Often these tours are sold out months in advance - so as much advanced notice as possible is necessary.

Watching Debates

I can also book tickets for you to come and watch proceedings in the House of Commons Chamber. You would have to be at the House 30 minutes before the House sits on your chosen day to collect your tickets and take a seat. On Mondays it’s great to attach this onto the end of your tour to make a real day of your visit to Parliament.

You can also come into the House to watch more intimate debates in Westminster Hall or watch the full scrutiny of a Select Committee. These are open to the public and you can find a list of upcoming debates and committees at:


I’d be more than happy to help you secure Prime Ministers Questions tickets. However, the waiting list I have for my constituents is currently around 2 years. Please do email me if you’re interested so that I can add you to my list, and I’d be more than happy to help with a tour or Public Gallery tickets for other debates before that!

Work Experience

Would you like to add some parliamentary work experience to your CV?
Well, if you’re over 16 and one of my constituents I’d be more than happy to have you in my office. I can offer any Monday and Tuesday when the House is sitting. Some of the activities you may be able to take part in during your placement include:

- Meet me and my team.
- Open and scan the post.
- See the inner workings of a busy and productive Westminster office.
- Help to draft letters and emails.
- Take a personalised tour of the Houses of Parliament.
- Sit in the Public Gallery of the House of Commons to watch MPs in a debate, view a Westminster Hall Debate and observe a Select Committee meeting.

If you know of someone who is a constituent who might like to join me please do suggest getting in touch via email at to talk through availability!

Richard 1

Statue of Richard 1 outside the Palace of Westminster

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