Outstanding concerns on Gatwick’s growth.

23 October 2019:

I have several constituents who are regularly impacted by aircraft noise from Gatwick Airport.  Some further concerns have been brought to my attention and I have written to the CEO so these can be addressed.  I said:

Dear Stewart

Many thanks for your letter of 10 October regarding aircraft noise from Gatwick Airport.  I will make sure this is shared with my constituents.

In the meantime, some outstanding concerns have been brought to my attention:

  1. Gatwick have gone to great lengths to make it clear that any increase in activity from further use of the standby runway ‘would include a Development Consent Order process, which includes full public consultation.’ However, I understand that only 40% of the airport’s projected increase in activity comes from the use of that standby runway.  I have been told that 60%, on the other hand, will come from further use of the existing runway and will therefore go without substantial scrutiny.  This is understandably of great concern.
  2. Representatives from Gatwick have highlighted, including during our meeting earlier this year, that newer aircrafts, such as that of the A380neo which you also mention in your letter, are ‘quieter’. However, I have also been told that the reality for my constituents is far less optimistic.  Although the A380neo engines are 2 decibels quieter, this will mean little in terms of the noise that is experienced on the ground. In fact, I understand what will be far more noticeable is the further increase to the frequency of flights.

Both points are of great concern and I would be grateful for any information you could provide to reassure my constituents.

I would be grateful if you could also share information on the public consultation you mention in your letter, including how the consultation will run and the range of the consultees. 

I understand from David Boot that the further noise monitoring you agreed to conduct took place at The Fisheries in late September.  I am grateful for this.  However, I have not yet had an update on the findings, and would be grateful for one so that we can proceed with organising the meeting for my constituents to meet representatives from Gatwick. 

I would welcome the opportunity to meet you in London to discuss these issues.

My best wishes,